Why choose us?

The main reasons to choose the kindergarten Bambi Home Daycare

  • Years of experience working with children
  • Only qualified teachers
  • Responsive and attentive teachers
  • We support children in their endeavors – it’s very important!
  • Individual approach to every child
  • The development of personal qualities of your baby
  • Education in the form of a game will cause a desire for knowledge
  • Feel at home in our kindergarten
  • Large game room safe
  • Qualitative and vitamin-rich 3-time home meals
  • A cozy bedroom will provide your child a healthy sleep
  • Equipped area for outdoor activities
  • Exercise for the harmonious development
  • Various creative activities to help in the development of creative thinking
  • Costumed children’s performances
  • We love our work and are proud of our graduates
  • We do not stand still and strive for the best!
  • We are all the children of relatives, after other people’s children do not happen!