About us

Licensed kindergarten “Bambi Home Daycare” has been more than 5 years. Spacious room for safe play and learning bring your child a lot of joy, and a comfortable bedroom with wooden beds provide a healthy sleep, useful for the proper development of your baby. Our kindergarten for children aged 1 to 5 years.
3 variety of quality homemade meals, rich in vitamins will give your child a sense of family warmth and comfort. Our qualified teachers will help your child to reveal his best personal qualities manifest abilities and talents. Also, the kindergarten “Bambi Home Day Care” offers your kiddies fascinating lesson on fine arts, education, music lessons fun and certainly a matinee! In preparation for the matinee child will receive acting skills and reincarnation, which form the basis of costumed performances for beloved parents! – All this and more your child will receive while staying at our kindergarten. Each child for us is special and unique. During this time, a lot of children released from our garden and successfully continue their education in schools.
Hurry, space is limited!
Remember, your child deserves only the best!